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Monday, October 05, 2015

Hmmm,cute, but....

I found these recently... in a small tin on my desk.  Obviously mini-Poleroid-type doo-hickeys.  I forgot about them, but as I found them, I vaguely remember cutting out the Poleroid like white frames with a ruler and craft blade - last year or even longer before that.  But I don't remember what for... does anyone else know???

Mystery crafts.... befuddling....

Sunday, October 04, 2015

What a rip off...

This irks me... and DH too.  I suspect it would irk anyone.

We bought this loaf of rice bread recently for DH, from a local bakery.  Their fresh bread has nice texture for a day or two and freezes well.  Gluten-free bread sucks and is expensive, and this was  a nice option for Jim, especially as most of the GF bread we get is frozen.

But when we sliced through the loaf, we found that over 2/3rds of it had this MASSIVE tunnel through it.  It's not the bakery's fault - it's not as though they defrauded us by purposefully making hollow loaves... but what a deep disappointment.  This on top of the fact that twice I have ordered from them and TWICE they have lost my orders.

But a good friend's mother has been buying from them for decades, so I will give them one more chance.

Saturday, October 03, 2015

Thoughts to Note...

Some recent pendents I made, because I had over-mixed a bit of resin, from my experimentation day...  There is never any need to throw out the resin when there is too much mixed, so I thought quickly as to what I had on hand.

I took some Tim Holtz Ideo-logy pen nibs, some script ephemera, washi paper, and some leftover die cut hearts I had sitting around (left over from this pendent and this magnet from before, I suspect).

For something I made on the fly with no real planning ahead of the time, I am happy how they turned out.  If I do this again though, I will take a bit of time to rub some paint into the lettering of the pen nib elements to highlight the lettering.  Do you see the little swirls in the resin beside the pen nibs?

I made the first pour from this on a cold cold cold, and damp day, and I knew I would not be able to get rid of some of those really fine micro-bubbles, so I decided to do a little mica powder pigment magic.  I added a bit of a silver and jet black swirl in the resin while it was still wet.  I picked up the silver powder with  the tip of a toothpick and swirled it into the wet resin - lightly - not too much, so that the swirl pattern will still be visible.  The silver was a bit light, so I added some jet black.  I like the black, it made me think of ink.

After I did that, I used tweezers to lay the pen nib and heart elements in and let the resin dry.

After that, I did a second pour, and added the backing piece of script decorated ephemera behind - these are little odes to the art of the written word.

Next time, I may add a bit of black "ink" to the tips of the nibs too as a bit of a decorative element, like a pen freshly dipped in ink.

Also, next time, I will leave the face of the pendent in the molds, and just expose the tops... when I poured the final pour, adding the pendent bails, I overpoured slightly and a small amount of resin pooled and marred the fronts.  I had to sand them down and recover the fronts with resin, so they are not as perfectly smooth as  I would like.

Oh well... still not bad for something a bit on the fly and unplanned, right?  I do like the concept!

Friday, October 02, 2015

Experimentation day - a bit of a failure....

Sooooooo, we shall hearken back to my day of experimentation, not that long ago....  It looks liked it turned out OK - the watercolour paper is a thick paper so it did not wick up the resin and become translucent like a thinner paper would.

It looks OK here, it did brighten the colour and luckily the watercolours did not bleed like I expected them to, which was a good thing.

But because the paper was thick, the uptake of the resin was uneven, as you can see in this picture taken without the flash.... also, I had decorated both sides, so where there is some translucence, you can see a bit of the back design - which was what I intended, but it did not come through as nicely as I hoped - maybe it would work with better planning (like making sure it is exactly the same image on the back as the front - hello lightbox!)

But my biggest mistake... I used a piece of plasticized cardboard to lay the resined pieces on, not something like a garbage bag... I thought plastic coating would be enough, and I would be able to peel my pieces off, like on a garbage bag.... as you can see... NOT!

Oh well, not all was lost... I will see how I can salvage these pieces, and my ad hoc crafting from the leftover resin resulted in something I did end up liking... more to come on that later.

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Oh dear, just read!

This is another version of yesterdays bookmark, using different butterflies... and I transposed the R and the D when stamping, so it actually reads, READ, DEAR....  We'll call it a purposeful design element, shall we?