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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas ornaments of Christmases past (part 4)...

2011 was another busy Christmas... DH was doing some major work in the house, and our main floor was just torn apart and he and Chris were just starting to put it back together.  It was a big drywall/mud mess, but quite open space.  I was relegated to the upstairs, the big blank room that would one day be our ensuite bathroom, for crafting.

But the ornament that year came from one of my first experiences taking workshops at the Creativ Festival.  I took Maria Rypan's short workshop and learned to make a fanwheel snowflake - so everyone got a version of this that year.  Again, I never kept one for myself, and I will have to remedy that one day!

I also had the great idea of making bath bombs that year, for colleagues at work and for family as I got a chance to go to one of the family gatherings that year - that can be a rarity because of my work schedule.  I made them for a couple of years afterwards, especially as I heard a few of the cousins really loved them!  The drywalling worked out well for the bomb-making - big open rooms for me to lay out the pans of wet bombs, and Jim had fans going constantly to dry the wet drywall compound, which dried my bombs out too.

oh - there is my darling Toby, examining the mysterious, smelly lumps.  That was his last Christmas with us, sadly

I made a lavender and a lovely citrus scented version, and here is the recipe for them.  The added bonus was that my house smelled phenomenal that year.

2012... I think I ramped up my blogging that year, and likewise did a lot of crafting.  A lot of Christmas crafting got done, including more bombs, some bath melts, that was the year I made yoga bags for my mom, and a couple of nieces, etc.

I made coloured chainmaille flower/star ornaments and smaller versions as pendents for some.  That was my official ornament of the year...

But then I was in Jim's shop one day and saw something in his pile of empties that made my head go "dingdingding".  One of his work friends likes a type of beer that features a pin up girl image on the can, and I thought it would be awesome to make something for the guys in the group using that - and that became the secondary ornament of that year.  Jim sacrificed to help me with this, drinking more of the beer so I could have enough cans...  Poor Jim...

They were made with die cut cans, into star shapes, and I placed two of them back to back, and soldered them together, with a ring to hang off a ribbon.  They were a big hit with the guys that year!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas ornaments of Christmas past (part 3)...

In 2009, I think I went into Christmas craft overload... that year there was a lot of knitting, needle felting, canning, stenciling, and I came up with the idea of giving everyone lumps of coal...

The official ornament of the year was needle felted snowmen heads - the great snowman slaughter of 2009 occurred!

A few close friends and family were recipients of some Christmas gnome stuffies I was quite fond of, though I did get bored making them over and over again... I should have learned from the boob pillows!

Also, I usually make some edible treats, and this year I made lumps of coal for everyone!

I never got around to individual posts for these last two crafts; just a Christmas summary.  If anyone else wants to make lumps of coal, all this is a Scandinavian spice cookie, coloured with black gel colouring, and rolled in black coarse sugar.

Christmas 2010 was a bit better prepared, maybe.  At least for the ornament of the year.  I actually did a couple of sets of ornaments that year.  The first was a set of wood burned owls, that I gifted to a bird loving friend, and also made another couple of sets for swapping over the years.  That was also the year of the Santa microscope slide ornaments, as I learned to solder that year.

Later on, I posted a tutorial for the Santa ornaments, and that seems to be the most popular post of my blog, of all time.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas ornaments over the years (part 2)...

In 2007, I was trying chain maille and thought it would be cool to combine that with beading to make that year's ornament.  Considering how popular the beaded snowflakes were, I figured out two ways to make a Celtic Star and made that the center of the netted snowflakes, and posted the instructions on Craftster that year also.  Here is the link for the instructions...

2008 must have been more of a yarn busting year for me, because I focused on a couple of knit/crochet items for Christmas that year.  The annual ornament was a knit snowman,

Also, that year, we decided to make gigantic stocking mittens for stockings for a couple of relatives. Here is another look at them.  I love that mitten pattern, and that is actually our stockings too, for Jim and I.  I made the mittens and we had other friends and family add to them this year.  For the ILs in BC, we filled them with treats and sent them out as their gift.