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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Good Times, and Tea...

Maybe I should have done 12 Alice in Wonderland Tags of 2014... perhaps something to consider for next year?  Anyways, in case you could not tell, I love Alice.  I was just playing around when I made this tag - no direction, just wanted to play and get my fingers inky.  

I pulled out my Tweety Jill Alice in Wonderland stamps, a manila tag, and some card stock and went at it.  First of all, I took some white acrylic paint and a checkerboard stencil and just added a random stenciling down one side.

As that dried, I smeared some Distress Stains on my craft mat (I have a fondness for using cheap, flat silicone baking mats for my craft mats btw - they are thicker, more durable, and less pricey than the name brand craft mat).  I used Broken China, Salty Ocean, and the metallic silver I think.  I spritzed and smeared the stenciled card stock through that.  I then stamped the Hatter down one side, using a gray archival ink (Wendy Vecchi's Watering Can by Ranger, I think), masked that out, and added the scripted stamp on the other side.  I then added some random tea party stamps around the surface.  I inked the edges in Pumice Stone, and added that to the manila tag.

I love how the acrylic stenciling acts as a nice resist to the inks.  I added the sentiment on the left side - it is a combination of rub ons and stamping in black.  To pick out the Hatter a bit more, I added some colour with water colour pencils and a water brush.  After all, the Hatter *must* stand out!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tag card...

I made this to match the previous card and the pillow box from yesterday.  I made this because the first card is already in circulation at work and I have no idea who has signed it or if they gave it to my colleague yet or not.  Also, I kept track of everyone who contributed and wanted to be able to acknowledge all of them, even if they did not get a chance to sign the card.

I die cut it with a folded piece of light gray card stock (same gray as the card and box), with the folded edge fitted just slightly inside the cutting edge of the die, so that after being cut, it came out as a card.  I measured and trimmed the darker gray to be the frame on the front of the tag, and decorated a white piece of stock the same as the card and box.  I stamped the sentiment in gray ink across the bottom.

I wrote a little note on the left hand side of the card, then cut a piece of paper and folded it to glue on the other side.  On that paper, I wrote the names of all the colleagues who contributed something to our collection - over 30 names.

Oh yes, and I glued the little ring holes to the outside and insides of the tag, in the same darker gray - it adds a finished look to it all.  I attached it to the ribbon tied to the flaps of the box.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Inked pillow box gift box

I needed to make a small gift box that matched the cards that I made earlier.  We had a little collection to help a friend at work, and I needed a little box that could hold the proceeds.  I was originally going to make a standard box, but then I thought that the pillow box die I had may fit with a bit less effort.  After I counted everything out, slimmed it down some, and flattened/folded everything, I measured it against the die and it seemed perfect.  Especially if I kept it wrapped in an elastic (less stress on the glued sides.

Anyways, I wanted the box to match the box, so I die cut the box out of the same light gray colour. Then I trimmed a darker gray piece to fit around the box.  I folded and glued the box into the pillow shape, and glued the darker gray strip to fit around.  I then took a white card stock and trimmed that to fit inside the darker gray.  I then inked it up with Tumbled Glass, Evergreen Bough, and Broken China Distress inks.  After that was dried, I water stamped the same Queen's Anne Lace stamp across the inked surface.  I dried it, then stamped over the bleached out images with the same stamp, with Pumice Stone Distress Ink.

I then inked the edges with Pumice Stone, and wrapped the piece around the middle of the pillow box, allowing it to be framed by the darker gray.  After that, I die cut and embossed the tag with a Spellbinders die, from the darker gray.  I trimmed a white piece to fit the middle.  I stamped it in a gray ink, and inked it up a bit too, before gluing the both down at the bottom of the box.  I used a brad at one end of the tag, as it had the hole there anyways.

The water stamping is quite subtle, but I did not want to risk too much blurring of the image, so did not risk wetting the stamp further, especially for such a small piece.

It wrapped all the way around the box too.  I glued the ends of the box, after filling it, and before gluing the top, I measured and punched holes into the flaps so I could feed a ribbon through too.