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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

All dogs go to heaven - a tribute to Patches...

I made this little canvas for my partner in the recent Craft my Pet swap on Craftster.  This has been on my mind for making for myself for my three dogs lately too, since I made this other little canvas recently...

I took the same size canvas, a nice chunky thick one.  It is 4x4" (10 x10 cm), and painted it with blue, white, and a scant amount gray acrylic paint, on all sides.  While that was drying, I took a black and white print of the dog, Patches, and made a gel transfer by covering over the image with a thick layer of heavy gel medium, in matte.

After that dried, I removed the paper, and added some colour to bring out the patches, using ink on the back side, then glued the image with gel medium onto plain light beige card stock, and cut that out carefully when it was dry.  I then inked the edges to take away the raw paper edge.

I die cut the wings from vellum and inked them with Pumice Stone distress ink, and die cut the halo (actually an O from one of my letter dies, that has a little star extension which I used to glue the halo onto the back of the head, after colouring it silver).  I layered the wings, then layered all the pieces together and secured it all with extra heavy gel medium.  I made a little name label for the front.

I added the little bird stamps with gray archival ink, then used gel medium to attach the lettering to the sides. I then used brown and white ink to highlight the lettering.

On the back, I made a little paper label to cover the back (can't stand that unfinished back) and secured it with glue, and brass nail accents.  I ran out of brass hangers, so made my own with a hammered copper washer and a bit of scrap copper and brass nails.  

I quite like how it turned out.  I am hoping eventually getting around to finish the ones I started for my three one day soon.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Notes from Nugget..

A bit more before I pack away the Nugget lino cut - A quick set of note cards.  I went with a beige/sand coloured card stock to stamp nugget on, in a Sepia ink.  I trimmed them out and mounted them on a medium blue tone.  Which I mounted on an angle on an A2 sized card.  It is a top fold.

I printed the sentiment on a buff coloured card stock, in black, and mounted it on the same blue as the mount for Nugget.

I an pretty happy how the lino cut for Nugget came out - it looks great in brown.  I am going to have to see if I can replicate it for Ginger, Troy, and Toby - though it is hard to get that nice contrast on darker furred dogs who don't have that natural contrast in colouration.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Nugget... nine ways...

OK, I guess I was having too much fun pulling prints off my carved lino block of Nugget the other day that I decided to get all Warhol on him.  I made several different Nugget prints in different colours of pigment ink, on general sketchbook paper, and cut them out. 

Then I painted an artist panel in acrylic paint, in Titanium White, Cerulean Blue, and a touch of Payne's Gray - for a sky-like look.  I then attached the various Nuggets on with a semi-gloss gel medium.  I die cut his name out of brown card stock (a thinking a sandy colour, and something that would not compete with the colourful Nuggets), and added that to the bottom.

Do you think Nugget will approve?

The finished piece is about 9x12 inches.  I actually rather like it.  I put one of my "reject" prints on the back, along with the piece information... so it is really "Nugget ~ nine ways + 1".